Electric Strike Systems

Electric Stike SystemsWhen access control is required, the installation of an electric strike system will be perfect for the door. This is the reason why electric strike systems are often connected to intercoms and why they are ideal for private offices, medical centers and a plethora of other companies in Ontario. Rest assured that our teams comprise of expert technicians with experience in these systems. We can fix and install any Electric Strike System in Etobicoke and we ensure excellence, efficiency and speed.

Trained experts for electric strike system repairs

With our electric strike system service, problems will be eliminated and you will be able to enjoy a functional lock which provides the convenience but also the security you expect. The technicians of our business in Etobicoke are trained to install and repair such systems and keep track of updates. Our knowledge is the basis of our good work. We pay attention to each part of the lock making sure the fail-safe and fail-secure positions of the lock are activated and work at your convenience. With one press of a button the electric door strike system must be activated. The strike plate must be released so that the door would open and then the door should close and lock on its own. The crews of our Access Control in Etobicoke make sure that the door completes this cycle in perfection by offering great and thorough services.

Excellent services for all electric strike systems

Your Etobicoke Electric Strike System might be designed for heavy duty use but maintenance and repairs are always needed. Our services are outstanding and our technicians make sure the system serves you well. We are here to provide immediate assistance and electric strike system repair to all our clients. We are here to ensure the strike is released upon your command, the door locks when it is shut again and it also moves at the right speed. We install and repair any electric door strike intercom system and have the skill to replace broken or damaged parts efficiently.

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